When you need more than a Recruiter,

Hire Rightly.

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Most recruiters focus on sending resumes your way fast. And for busy hiring managers with open roles, that may sound like what you need. It’s not.

Effective hiring decisions require a more intentional approach to the entire process, and when organizations choose to invest in a strategy designed to hire the right people the right way, good things start to happen:

  • Job Vacancies and Time-to-Hire go down

  • Employee Retention, Satisfaction, and Productivity go up

We spend our days hiring, and we do it well.

but WE AREN’T recruitERS.



our approach


we make it about you.

Every hire is an opportunity to re-tell your story. We believe job posts should be a thoughtfully crafted message designed to promote your employer brand and to target the individuals most likely to be successful in your organization.

And that’s why we spend time getting to know you before we try to put anything down on paper. And, why we don’t hide things like your company name, location, or who makes up the team. By being very specific in the description of your ideal candidate and honest about what you can offer a prospective hire, you won’t just get a stack of resumes.

You’ll get better candidates. And we’ll do a better job evaluating them for you.

we keep you informed.

Hiring isn’t your full time job, it’s ours. But that doesn’t mean you should be left in the dark. We’ve built a convenient way to keep you up to speed, without interrupting your day with phone calls and emails.

A custom dashboard is made available to your hiring team, automatically updating every hour with information from our internal tools. You get unfiltered access to view every single applicant, see which candidates are viable in the pipeline, learn the timing of next steps, and get real-time feedback about who’s been screened out and why. You know what we know, at all times.

We want to earn your trust. So we don’t hide anything.



we don’t sell you Anything

Because we don’t market our services to job seekers, you never have to wonder if we’re actually working for you or the candidate. The answer is always you.

We know that’s not the way most recruiters do it, but we aren’t trying to be like most recruiters. In fact, our consultants’ resumes list prior experience in management, organizational design, or strategic planning, but what you won’t find is a career in sales.

Because we don’t think good hiring decisions should be bought or sold.

our core Services


Our All-Inclusive Hiring Solutions encompass the end-to-end execution of your hiring strategy and process. A dedicated Rightly Consultant oversees every one of your hiring campaigns as an individual project which includes: Needs assessment, Custom Landing Page, Job posts & Marketing Efforts, Passive Candidate Search, Dashboard Access, Application Reviews, Candidate Screens & Feedback, Client Scheduling, Candidate Communication, Interview Preparation, Wrap Meeting Mediation, & Hiring Decision Support.


These retained search agreements are offered at three rate tiers. While our base rate is very competitive in the market, our tiered structure allows for substantial discounts to clients engaged in multiple simultaneous hires or who leverage Rightly for more frequent hiring efforts.

fixed-term HIRING

When future hiring needs are planned, our Fixed-Term Agreements can provide a cost-effective alternative to Per-Hire contracts. These agreements require a 6 month minimum commitment, and include a flat monthly retainer based on the number of roles active in each month (1/month minimum).


If your organization has internal recruiting resources in place, our ancillary consulting services give you the opportunity to leverage the Rightly approach on an as-needed basis.

Day of hiring - decision support

Any Important decision benefits from having a neutral 3rd party involved. Our consultants will attend your final day of interviews and facilitate a wrap meeting designed to ensure the hiring decision is made with buy-in from the entire hiring team.

other Consulting services

  • Referral Programs to increase engagement and reduce cost to hire

  • Compensation Plans to attract and retain top performers

  • Organizational Design to position functional teams and leaders for growth



Doing Something Good?

We’d love to help. Discounted rates are available to organizations trying to make the world a better place.