Q. What kinds of roles can you help us with?

A. (Almost) All of them! RIGHTLY was built to be a comprehensive hiring partner to modern day start-ups and early stage companies, so our consultants specialize in the functional areas most common for that space including technical roles in Software Engineering, Data Science, Tech Ops, and Product Management, as well as operational and corporate roles in Sales & Marketing, Client Services, Finance & Accounting, HR, and General Management. By taking the time to understand examples of past work, education, and/or life experiences that would best qualify an individual for the role, and just as importantly, the personality and character traits that embody the culture of your organization, we are confident in our ability to help you effectively source most job categories. But if you’re not sure, let’s talk. If we aren’t the best option for you, we’ll tell you.

Q. How can you charge so much less than my other recruiters?

A.  We do a lot of things differently than most recruiters. For starters, we believe the standard rates in the industry are higher than they need to be in part because of how recruiters choose work with clients and candidates. By charging more reasonable rates, managing your hiring process exclusively, and continually exceeding your expectations, we’re pretty confident you’ll never want to hire without RIGHTLY again. So, we designed our pricing structure to afford you that option. The more we get to help you and gain a deeper understanding of your needs, the easier it is for us to work with you, and the more cost effective we can be for you.

Q. Why don’t you work with candidates to place them?

A. Our loyalty is to you, the hiring company. By not working with candidates on their behalf, we can remain objective in assessing the best person for your job without any incentive to place a specific individual. That doesn’t mean we start from scratch every time. We maintain a comprehensive network of qualified, active candidates that we can leverage and we’ll invite pre-screened, quality candidates to apply to your job if we think they could be a good fit. However, we aren’t working on the candidate’s behalf, and there’s no incentive for us to provide preferential treatment to them…. so we don’t.

Q. Why should I hire Rightly instead of a 3rd Party Recruiter or Staffing Agency?

A. How you hire (the experience for both the candidate and the hiring team) matters now more than ever. Your hiring practices can either be an asset or a liability to your business. When you work with RIGHTLY, we position ourselves as an extension of your hiring team, not just a 3rd party whose job it is to send you candidates. We don’t post job descriptions for “anonymous clients” because we want to help you showcase your Employer Brand (unless your search is confidential in nature). We treat every one of your applicants with the same kind of respect, communication, and follow through that we’d want if we were job searching, and that means actually responding to every single one of them. We work with you throughout the hiring process from start to finish, helping you to make sense of the applicant pool as it evolves, screening the candidates that check all of your boxes, providing instant feedback via efficient cloud based reporting, coordinating interviews across your hiring team, and facilitating the conversations necessary to reach the right hiring decision. You get a lot more with RIGHTLY than with your typical recruiter, for a lot less.

Q. Why would I hire Rightly instead of my own in-house recruiter(s)?

A.  Resourcing, Flexibility, and Specialization. With a full time recruiter on staff and fluctuating hiring needs, your own recruiter can find themselves under water one minute and bored the next, which means your cost per hire can fluctuate greatly. With RIGHTLY, you get the resources you need when you need them, your costs per hire remains the same, and you don’t need to worry about a potential disruption to your hiring efforts if/when your recruiter gives their notice.  Our entire focus is on building a quality hiring process so you can focus on building your business.

Q. What Job Boards will you post my job to?

A. It depends on your job. We take the time to understand who your ideal candidate is and where they are most likely to be conducting their search, and then we put our resources to work. We aren’t limited by an ATS that integrates with a select few job boards, so we can get your search activated in more places. We post to all of the big names you’d expect, local university job boards, industry specific sites, etc. And we don’t stop at job boards. When it makes sense, we may also run targeted digital campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, or post to a site passive candidates might see it like Reddit. After getting your job out there we continue to monitor and adjust our strategy to ensure you’re getting a comprehensive talent pool that includes plenty of great options.


Q. Do you reach out to passive candidates?

A.  Absolutely, but not as a standalone strategy. Pursuing passive candidates directly is a strategy that makes complete sense when your role requires a very unique skills set, you aren’t seeing enough momentum in building a strong applicant pool from marketing efforts alone, or you simply have the resources to attract top talent with an above average compensation package and/or unique opportunity. But when your job posts result in a high volume of qualified candidates we believe our efforts are better spent effectively managing the pipeline than unnecessarily devoting resources to making an over-sized pool even larger. If a recruiter tells you its the only way and the only thing that works, it’s probably because its the least expensive way… for them. You’re paying for a service, and we think a good portion of your money should actually be spent on doing what’s right for you. In our experience, job posts will lead to 25-50% of your qualified candidate pool even in hard to fill situations, with that number being even larger for high-demand roles.

Q. can you help me for an hourly rate instead of a fixed fee?

A. Our pricing is designed to keep us working for you from beginning to end. We have a fee structure that mirrors most 3rd party recruiters because we think it’s actually the right way to give you, the hiring company, a predictable fee upfront and at the same time provide the right incentives for us to work efficiently to find you the right person for the job. An hourly arrangement can often create a win-lose scenario for one side or the other and we’d rather set clear expectations up front and work to exceed them so we both win. That being said, if you’re looking to bring on RIGHTLY as a strategic partner to manage your hiring efforts on a regular basis, we have a separate fee structure for fixed-term enterprise contracts. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and whether or not an enterprise contract could be right for you.

Q. What do you do about employee referrals?

A. We welcome them! Some of the best hires come in through employee referrals, so we strongly suggest you have a program to provide incentives for them and can help you set one up if you don’t. We evaluate every applicant objectively and wouldn’t encourage you to hire an employee referral if they aren’t the best person for the job, but if the right hire ends up being an employee referral we’ll offset a portion of our fees to allow you to compensate the employee for their referral without adding to your overall hiring budget*.

Q. What do you do about internal candidates?

A. We welcome them, too! We encourage any hiring practice that serves to promote employee retention and a big part of retaining good people is providing opportunities for them to grow and advance within your organization. If the right hire ends up being an internal candidate, you’ll be able to apply the contract towards that person’s backfill instead*.   

Q. What happens if the person we hire doesn’t work out?

A. We hope that doesn’t happen, but if does we’ll make it right.   We try to do everything we can during the hiring process to make sure that you really know the candidate, and likewise, that the candidate really knows you. If we put honesty at the forefront of the process, we limit the risk of either side falling short of those expectations. But, things happen, and if a hire doesn’t work out within 60 days of their hire date, we’ll help with their backfill at no additional cost*.

*Fees and any available exceptions are documented in more detail in our Terms & Conditions.